Font Download Help

This website was developed using Dynamic Font Technology, where, you need not go for a specified font to be  downloaded  on to  your local machine in order to view the Hindi characters.

Please refresh your browser or close and open it again .

Still if you are not able to view the fonts , please do follow these steps :


Download hindi Font on Your  Computer following the steps given below :- 

The Krishna Hindi Fonts are used in this site for writing Hindi matter.

 Download Hindi Fonts 

  • Click 0n the "Download Hindi Fonts"  Link . 

  • Screen Appear that asks you two options ; Choose Save it on the Disk

  • Browse and choose a folder on Your C: Drive. (any drive)

  • Screen Appear Download Complete; Click ok 

  • Move to Window Explorer and select the folder in which You saved it. Double Click the " Font.exe" It will ask for Extracting it. Extract it in a named Folder

  • Now Go to Start then Settings then Control Panel then Fonts.

  • Go To File in the opened window then Click on Install New Fonts.

  • Brows the window to select your Folder then select Krishna Fonts.

  • Click on OK. New Fonts get added to  your computer. Access !

 Download Hindi Fonts