Government Railway Police

 Headquarters:  5th floor, Indira Bhavan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow

Fax : 0522 - 2287241, Ph : 0522 - 2287241 /  2287242
CUG Ph.  94

E-mail :,


Administrative Facts :  

·                    The Government Railway Police is a separate branch of General Police force and is enrolled under Act V of 1861.

·                    Has 65 Police Stations and 43 out posts.

·                    Has a force of about 6,000 personnel including ministerial staff.

·                    A training centre at Jhansi.

·                    Escorts 780 trains and covers 9,227 kms. of  railway track with 922 railway stations in U.P.

·                    Headed by an Addl. D.G.P. assisted by two Inspector Generals of  Police and two Dy. Inspector Generals of  Police.

·           Has SIX sections headed by Superintendent of Police:  

IG Railway Lucknow

Tel : ( 0522) 2287083

IG Railway Allahabad

Tel : ( 0532) 2624439

DIG Railway Lucknow

Tel : ( 0522) 2287255

DIG Railway Allahabad

Tel : ( 0532) 2624543

SP Railway Moradabad

Tel : ( 0591) 2430098

SP Railway Gorakhpur

Tel : ( 0551) 2333046

SP Railway Lucknow

Tel : ( 0522) 2451102

SP Railway Jhansi

Tel : ( 0510) 2332024

SP Railway Agra

Tel : ( 0562) 2462923

SP Railway Allahabad

Tel : ( 0532) 2624128



Organizational Structure



Recruitment  :  Only the ministerial / IVth class cadre are directly recruited. The rest are part of the U.P. Police. 

Functions : 

·                    Maintains law & order at railway stations and in trains.

·                    controls vehicular / other traffic in stations precincts.

·                    Prevention and detection of crime committed against travellers.

·                    Renders assistance to railway officers and travelling public.

·                    And other functions as described in para 3 of GRP manual. 

How to contact : 

  • Phone or meet the officer on duty at the nearest GRP Police Station / Post.

  •    Meet any gazetted officer or phone him.

  •     Contact  GRP H.Q. at   lucknow  on ,   phone,0522-1332,2288103,2288104,2288105
    toll free 9919099190 Lucknow.


Steps taken for the facility of passengers : 

           *       Police booths established at every railway station, having a

                     Police Station or an outpost of GRP.

           *       Public Address system, with the help of Railways, was put to

                     use for the purpose of creating security awareness among the


           *       Mobile outposts established in some important trains, for on the

                    spot registration of cases.

           *         Teams to prevent jaharkhurani.

           *         Crack teams to prevent dacoity & loot.

           *         Anti-sabotage check to prevent explosions.


Running Note on GRP UP


The entire railway system within the police jurisdiction of Govt. of U.P. was created a general police district under Act III of 1888 read with notification No. 17-1-B dated Ist April, (3) 1937, issued by the Secretary to his Excellency the crown representative. It boasts of  networks in the country covering about 9,227 Kms of railway track, encompassing 922 railway stations and 21 Railway Yards. Approximately 1074 of trains either pass through the  state or originate here. Nearly  1.2 million passengers commute daily in the state.


GRP UP co-ordinates its activities with 4 Railway

Zones and 12 Divisional Headquarters.



Name of the Zone


Divisional HQ







1)      Lucknow

2)      Moradabad

3)      Allahabad









1)      Varanasi

2)      Izzatnagar

3)      Lucknow







1)      Mugalsarai

2)      Dhanbad

3)      Danapur







1)        Agra

2)        Allahabad

3)        Jhansi



Railway Police in the state is under the administrative and functional control of DG ( Railways). He is assisted by an ADG ( Railways), two IG’s and equal number of DIG’s and six SsRP.

For the sake of convenience railway police is divided into six sections each under the supervision of a SP rank officer. Sections are further divided into circles each headed by a Dy.S.P. In total there are 13 Circles.

            There are 65 police stations and 43  reporting outposts. In the allocation are 15 Inspectors, 366 Sub-inspectors, 581 head –constables,  4029  Constables and 65 drivers.

             In spite of the limited resources the railway police is committed for the safety and security of  the passengers and while discharging its responsibilities, the GRP also face adverse circumstances. The railway police is totally aware of the dangers posed by the terrorist. In order to ensure  VIP  Security and  safety of the passengers, Decoy scheme and Crack teams are deployed by the GRP UP.

 Railway Protection Force 

There is a fundamental difference between the GRP and RPF. While the former is responsible for the prevention of detection of crime and ensure law &order RPF is committed to the safety of railway property. GRP is controlled by the State Government while RPF comes under the control of the Central Government. However both these forces should not be seen in isolation rather they supplement each other for professional, efficient, transparent and passenger friendly policing.

           RPF at the Zonal Level is headed by the Chief Security Commissioner. At the Divisional level is the Divisional Railway Commandant.  In the jurisdiction of the UP GRP are 4 Chief Security Commissioners and 12 Commandants.


Trains-Escort Arrangements

The armed escorts provided by the GRP in trains are the most visible instrument of GRP. They perform the dual functions of  preventing crime besides at the same time providing a sense of confidence among fellow train


           There are 732 trains which are being provided Escorts and  Escort parties are involved in ensuring the safety and security of train passengers . However due to acute shortage of manpower 250 trains which run during the day time go escort less.

            In very important trains GRP UP has made arrangements for Mobile Outposts. They are currently operational in 38 trains.

             Besides above a new initiative has been introduced in which every member of the escort party is given a small handout which consists of the directions and guidelines for the Police personnel to be followed during their duties and at the same time it will also be used as the identity card of the policeman. This has been done to introduce more transparency in the railway policing.      

Crime Pattern and  Difficulties in Solving Out Crime cases

The Crime pattern is peculiar to railways as it is indeed difficult to pinpoint the exact location where the crime has occurred due to its constant mobility. Then there are cases of planting explosives, poisoning of passengers in trains which  generally takes place while travelling. This is one crime where proper awareness, education and mental alertness of the passengers is required. The passengers are often allured, tempted and trapped by fellow passengers as a result of which sometimes they have to suffer losses in terms of valuables, money health and well being. Scarcity of resources and shortage of manpower further complicate the matter.

GRP Helpline

In case of any complaint during journey with in Uttar Pradesh regarding criminal disputes etc please call Toll Free Numbers as below-

0522-1332, 0522-2288103, 0522-2288104, 0522-2288105