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Letter of SP Karmik for promotion of HCCP from Constables CP on seniority basis the data to be updated in Nominal roll(uploaded on 12-09-2013)

For promotion of HCCP from Constables CP on seniority basis the data to send on the format click here Circular no-panch-2500(varishthta)/2013 dated 23-8-13 of SP Karmik uploaded on 26-08-2013

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For Correction in Biodata for Seniority List of all Ranks Click above

Circular of DIG Establishment regarding Data Feeding of Constable C.P. In Nominal Roll for Seniority List dated 11-4-13.
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Circular dated 29-11-2012 of DGP UP regarding Feeding of Nominal Roll data and its correction.
iqfyl egkfuns'kd mRrj izns'k iqfyl ukfeuy jksy esa MkVk Hkjus lEcU/kh fnukad 29-11-2012 dk ifji=
Guidelines for filling of Correction Forms in Nominal Roll for data correction.
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